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What is a Medical Nail Technician?


A State licensed nail technician that has completed advanced training and has trained under the supervision of a Podiatrist.  A MNT is especially trained to work with clients with special health concerns.  Clients with Diabetes, Circulatory conditions and Autoimmune concerns.



At Advanced Nail Care, we want your nails to be healthy and beautiful. Our salon provides a relaxing environment, top hygiene and the latest in cosmetic nail care services.


Allow us to surround you with a safe and relaxing experience.

About Us


Our Nail Technicians are not only good at what they do, they are trained and certified.  Clients can receive safe services with sterilized implements that have been sterilized with the use of an Autoclave. Hospital grade sterilization.  Far above industry standards.


Why insist on sterilization?


Sterilization is the only form of infection control prevention that can kill ALL Bacteria and Fungal Organisms. It is the only means of desease prevention that can be verified by the client and guaranteed the the technician.


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What We Offer:

Footlogix products. Educator for licensed Nail Techs. Classes offered monthly.


Manicures, Pedicures, and Medical Pedicures for those with health concerns!

Certified Shallac Master Painter


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